Ritual is the practice of coming back to yourself to discover your own path toward healing. It is taking time to be quiet and enjoy stillness within yourself. Ritual can look different for everyone and can change day to day - drinking a warm beverage in the morning, going on a walk, meditating, listening to music, or lighting a candle. It is intentional time for contemplation and self-care.

Committing to your own daily ritual while applying one of the blends will enhance the healing power of the oils. By entering back into life after daily ritual, we are left with a greater sense of who we are, creating ripples of clarity, strength, and peace.


We invite you to discover more about yourself and to find how you may connect with your own healing of body, mind, and soul through the rich, inner dialogue of ritual.




Daoism comes from the idea of the Dao or “the way,” meaning the essence that supports and sustains life. It is an Eastern philosophy and spiritual path to see the world in a way that is in harmony with yourself and the world around you. Daoist Drops seek to harmonize the mind, body, and soul through therapeutic essential oils made from plants and use specific acupuncture points on our bodies.

Daoist Drops are tools to create life affirming changes through cultivating a deeper connection to nature and ourselves by encouraging daily ritual use. Following Daoist principles and philosophy, these drops are rooted in a belief that the body knows how to restore itself to harmony and that our own willingness to heal can initiate deep change. When we focus less on the “problem” and more on the ability we have to heal, we open up to possibilities of change - in perspective and beliefs, in actions, and in relationships.




As Chinese medicine practitioners and organic gardeners, we believe in the importance of growing and using quality plants for the earth and our bodies.  We only use the highest quality essential oils for our blends and are committed to knowing the origin of our oils and using as many organic, wildcrafted and locally-sourced essential oils as possible.  We are proud of the local oils we provide that come from the Blue Ridge Mountains, many of which are unique to this region. For example, we use Frasier Fir that comes from recycled, pesticide-free Christmas trees in Western North Carolina. To incorporate our Chinese herbal background and Daoist lineage, we include rarely used oils from the Chinese landscape, such as Bai Lu Yan Ye - magnolia flower.


Daoist Drops are your companions to use for your personal growth. We offer six blends that align with six major themes we all may come to at different points in our life.


Beauty aids us to see our inner and outer beauty, experiencing a great sense of self-worth. It helps us let go of cultural beauty norms and insecurities to be able to experience our deep, unique beauty and presence. 


Scholarly helps the lifelong learner integrate what they are studying while at the same time have the confidence in the abilities and knowledge they already possess. It gives us trust in our internal knowing, while allowing learning to remain a positive, curious experience.  


Refinement gives us the permission to let go of the heavier emotional baggage we carry around such as shame, guilt and regret. It allows us to wipe away the things that cloud our spirit and open us up to forgiveness.


Grandiose gives us the courage to believe in our own greatness and see our possibilities. It helps renew our deep resources after periods of overwork and helps us embody our deep inner strength to feel equal to others.


Initiation touches on the deep healing called upon during times of loss, trauma, grief and seasonal depressions. It helps us feel okay to go inward and provides us with a light and warmth to navigate the dark times.  


Completion helps move our energy when we are closing one chapter of our life and opening a new one. It moves any stagnation or clinging to the old, allowing us to welcome the new energies and habits into our life.  




There are many ways to pick the blend to work with. You can look at the oils in the blend and see which scents you are drawn to. You can read the descriptions and see which one speaks to you the most. You can have someone pick one for you. You can draw a name out of a hat. There is no wrong way! Each one has its own medicine to offer, which we can all benefit from in some way.

You can also use a blend with a corresponding season to help bring you into harmony with the environmental changes. Nature is an integral part of Daoism, and the practice of being in tune with the seasons can teach much about life and health. Our suggestions are to use Initiation in the winter, Grandiose in the winter or spring, Completion in the spring and fall, Refinement in the spring and fall, Beauty in the summer, and Scholarly in the summer.


The most important thing in choosing a blend is to
trust yourself in knowing what you need.

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In alignment with Daoist principles, we recommend applying one blend on the suggested points 1 to 2 times daily for at least one month to receive the full therapeutic benefits. Give yourself at least 5 minutes after applying the oils to engage in your personal ritual. You can also inhale the blend throughout your day for added support.  

To read more about each blend and the corresponding points, visit our shop. The oils are for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and keep out of reach of children. Please consult a physician before use if pregnant or have skin sensitivity.


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