Do you offer wholesale or discount for practitioners?

At this time we do not offer wholesale or discounts, but feel free to contact us if you are interested in future wholesale options.

How long can I expect the blend to hold its fragrence?  

All oil blends are going to smell the most potent within three months of opening.  So once you open it, let the ritual begin!  Light, heat and oxygen all break down oils, which is why it’s important to keep in a dark, cool place and seal those bottles tight.  To keep our products high quality (and safe), we do not use alcohol or synthetic chemicals to extend self-life.  

Where do you get your oils?

All of the oils we use are from local, domestic and international companies we know and trust to provide high quality oils.  Most of our oils are organic or wildcrafted, and our local oils are sustainably harvested.  Our Chinese oils are from Alchemica Botanica, which uses high quality herbs and CO2 or steam distillation with reputable extractors.  Our local oils are from Blue Ridge Aromatics, all of which are sustainabily harvested by hand and steam distilled.  Our other oils come from Snow Lotus, which only uses organic and wildcrafted oils and also focuses on Chinese medicine and Dreaming Earth Botanicals, a local essential oil company.