We are Daoist Drops


We are - Mary Burke-Pitts and Jennifer Blatnik - both acupuncturists and herbalists who founded Daoist Drops together after many tea dates discussing the amazing healing possibilities of combining essential oils and Chinese medicine. Years ago, while attending a rigorous graduate program in Classical Chinese Medicine we met while finding solace through gardening in our school’s Chinese medicinal herb garden. We spent time under the sun pulling weeds, getting to know plants, and talking about Daoist herbal wisdom and inspiring gems passed on through our teachers and our own research in the classical texts.  After completing our formal studies we found ourselves working on various other garden projects in the local area and the conversations continued throughout the years. We began using what we had learned from Chinese medicine about essential oils and personal growth. We felt so empowered using the blends and combining it with Daoist principles of contemplation and ritual, we deeply wanted to share it as a tool and companion for others going through change and growth. These personal growth themes touch places we all may come to at different points in our life and through these blends we offer support from the ancient paradigm we have learned that has been healing for thousands of years.

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