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As acupuncturist ourselves, we know the power of adding high quality, essential oils to our treatments and work with patients.  Many of our patients look forward to deeply inhaling the aromatics of plants while resting with their needles, and experiencing what the intention of the oil blend. Some say it provides a safe container for them to relax into the treatment and finally let go. The scents promote deep restoration and many patients come away with profound realizations about their lives.

Daoist Drop blends are a great theuraputic addition to many healing modalities, not just acupuncture! Not only can they increase the potency and focus of different types of body work (think massage therapy, reiki, acupuncture) through direct application, they can also be an affordable way to extend healing work between treatments.

If your work with clients is primarily through talk therapy, or done remotely, using Daoist Drops with clients can help bring in a direct access to the mind-body connection for your client, give clients clear direction with goals/intentions to focus on between sessions, as well as promoting self-care.

Essential oils can quickly calm, energize, or ground the mood and thoughts within minutes, as they can pass the blood brain barrier, something most medications can’t even do. Your patients will feel extra supported and empowered by using our oils.


If you are one of the following, these blends can be paired with the
amazing work you already provide everyday:

  • Acupuncturist/herbalist
  • Integrative, holistic doctor
  • Counselor/therapist
  • Reiki practitioner
  • Massage therapist
  • Health or life coach
  • Yoga teacher

Daoist Drop blends add value to and deepen your clients healing by:

  • Providing a positive, direct experience of the mind-body connection
  • Giving an empowering tool to use as a focus point between sessions
  • Encouraging space and time for contemplation and restoration
  • Promote a gentle, enjoyable way to experience self-care

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