Demystifying Ritual: Making Everyday Intentions

For many, the word ritual conjures up images of witchy cauldrons and ancient incense smoking up to the heavens.  While mystical and mysterious elements of connecting with the unseen are inspiring, it can be just as powerful if we can take notice of the everyday rituals currently sprinkled throughout our day.  

Essentially, a ritual is a habit done with intention.  Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning can be a ritual.  Walking the dog on our lunch break is also a ritual.  Checking in with our partner at the end of the day - ritual.  And yes, it can also look like 15 minutes of silent meditation or a relaxing stretch into your favorite yoga pose.

The point is - what is more powerful than our chosen ritual is the intention and presence we give to it.  The moment that you say you are going to provide a container for yourself, to take some time to pay attention to your life as it is unfolding in this moment, powerful changes can occur.  This act of taking intentional time creates space in our lives where we once thought we did not have a moment to spare.  It gives us an opportunity to connect to ourselves in a deeper and loving way, to slow down for a moment and become a little quieter.  To give that wise voice inside of us an opportunity to surface.  Questions start to become answered, the world looks clearer and colors more vivid, and most importantly all parts of you get a chance to quietly process what is happening in all areas of your life.  You get to know yourself.  

I know when I am committing to a ritual on a daily basis, I am generally happier, more relaxed, more in touch with my true feelings, and more solid.  My relationships tend to go smoother and I am able to communicate from a grounded spot inside of me.

We created Daoist Drops to help make ritual a daily practice that is enjoyable and a powerful way for you to see positive change in your life.  As you scroll through our six blends, see which one relates to a shift you would like to see occur in your life.  It a great way to motivate your commitment to a daily ritual and to set your intention for growth and healing.  Use the blends as a daily ritual in and of itself by putting them on selected acupressure points, or apply the oils before your other daily ritual (i.e. drinking a cup of tea).  Carrying your blend with you throughout your day is also an easy go-to support and reminder of your daily ritual intention.

What’s your favorite daily ritual?  We’d love it hear it!  

Wishing for you much inspiration and intention,
Jennifer and Mary- Creators of Daoist Drops