How and Why Using Acupressure Will Bring you Great Joy!      

   One of the main focuses we have at Daoist Drops is intentionally choosing acupressure points to use with our blends.  Why combine with acupressure?  Simply put, it's easy to do and it's powerful.  The body has amazing healing capacity and as a living organism it is always trying to get back to balance.  All the complex systems within your body are always working on your behalf.  The body truly wants to heal.  That is just one reason acupressure points work so well.  They tap into potent places of healing on the body that the Eastern cultures figured out thousands of years ago.  Each point has a different function and the possibilities for healing emotions and physical conditions are endless.  There are more than 400 acupressure points on the body and through our rigorous training as acupuncturists, we've learned them all.  Our goal is to bring them to you.  And because your body follows you wherever you go, you will forever have a free, new calming yet energizing tool to use for self-care.  Learn the point once, and it will stick.

Start with one of our favorites:
Heart-7, also known as Spirit Gate.  Heart-7 is a go to point for sleep, anxiety, stress, and anytime you need big comfort and calm.  It taps into the source energy of our Heart, both physical and emotional, so it can be used if your heart is beating a little too fast or if you are going through the pain of a break up.  In Eastern medicine, the heart has a mothering energy, which brings the ability to soothe and nurture yourself on all levels.  Using this point allows us to walk in the world with joy, openness, and confidence!  We've paired Heart-7 with the floral oils in Beauty blend.

How to do acupressure on yourself:
To use this point (or any other acupressure point) here is the way we've found to be most powerful:

  • Locate the point using our images.  The general area will work great.  (Google will give you very specific coordinates if interested in being exact;)


  • Use your finger to apply light to medium pressure on the point.  Hold for 10 seconds, or as long as feels right.  You can then move to the other side of the body (acupressure points are always found bilaterally)


  • You may even experiment with another exercize.  Imagine you are sending energy through your finger into the point, no need to do it "right", just play around with visualizing a light coming from your finger into the point you are holding.

That's it!  Simple as pie.  Check in with your body afterwards and see if you notice any new sensations, relief, or shifts.  We promise, try it once or twice and you'll have it down.  Enjoy!

Jennifer Blatnik