Initiation Blend

Initiation Blend


A companion in times of quietude, grief, trauma, and integration

There are periods in life that bring us to our knees - a sudden loss of a loved one, a seasonal depression, processing a trauma. It is an initiation into a period of change we did not ask for. It is a journey that turns us inward. Initiation Blend brings us the light of a torch to navigate darkness and the warm company of a friend. Initiation Blend encourages quiet reflection and guides us through growth. When we return to the external world, we hold within us a deeper understanding of all aspects of ourselves and the rhythms of life. Like winter turning into spring, we come back more hopeful, stronger, and with greater insights on how to integrate the changes life has given us.

The Oils: Spruce, Pine, Rou gui, Jiang xiang, Grapeseed

Rou Gui (cinnamon bark) warms our Kidney yang energies (meaning our vital life force and root) helping us feel supported in the midst of the inner journey. It's like jumpstarting the car battery, giving us life again. In Chinese medicine we say that trauma or depression can stagnate the blood or put a cold blanket on our fire. Rou gui moves the blood circulation and keeps areas full or warmth and qi, so experiences can be integrated without becoming stuck. Jiang Xiang (Heart wood), native only to Hinan Island, is also a blood mover and used in traumatic injury of all types, it can even stop bleeding. Spruce and Pine help us feel anchored and safe by also connecting to that Kidney energy. They bring a deep, quiet wisdom and perspective as Pine trees can live from 100-4,600 years old.

Smells like...a mixture of the ocean and a warm hug from a cinnamon tree.

DAILY RITUAL: Apply 1-2 times daily to suggested points for 1 month and inhale throughout the day for added reminder and support. Best used within 3 months of opening.

For extra potency...Hold each point for at least 10 seconds after applying the oil to fully enjoy the point and blend combination.


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Explore the blend points...


Kidney 9- Guest House This point is on the Kidney channel which taps into the energy of stillness and a deeper sense of faith in something bigger. Because this point also connects to the energy of the Heart, it helps soothe our spirit and promotes quality sleep. As the name suggests, using this point we are able to step into our life with non-judgemental observation, as if we could be a guest to our own life, and see it through the eyes of someone new.

San Jiao 7- Ancestral Meeting A point known to stop pain on the San Jiao channel, as the name suggests, it taps into the energy of the supportive energy of our ancestors that brings us a guiding force of calm, comfort and peace. Physically the San Jiao brings warmth to the body and through that can help us feel like we have a torch inside in cold, dark times.

Ren 7- Yin Crossing A point on the body where all lower yin channels come together. Yin is the reflective and receptive energy is our body that allows us to be still, quiet, and go within. Historically used in Daoist medicine as an alchemy point to balance the polarities of the body- yin and yang, positive and negative, above and below. In alchemy you can take something that is given to you that may be hard or rough and transmute it into something good or useful.