Scholarly Blend

Scholarly Blend


A companion to bring confidence and inner knowing to the lifelong learner

Some of us are born with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. We complete a training and are already looking for the next one. Yet, we are never satisfied. Scholarly Blend helps us remember our own accomplishments and capabilities, and wash away self-judgment and fear of not being smart enough. Rather than being overwhelmed by new material, Scholarly Blend assists us in integrating everything we already know. It allows us to access our inner wisdom and stay focused. From there we accept what we do not know, and are able to learn with joy.  We return to the naturally free and curious child within.

The Oils: Geranium, Bai zhi, Vetiver, Patchouli, Bai yu lan ye, Grapeseed

When we are learning we are constantly digesting information. In Chinese medicine the same energy that digests our food (the Spleen and Stomach) also digests the ideas we take in our mind. When this energy gets used a lot we get prone to overthinking and ruminating as well as mental fatigue and sluggishness. Patchouli strongly helps with overthinking and strengthens the ability to retain information. Vetiver is a very grounding oil that helps with our sense of belonging and fear of putting ourself in public view with our knowledge. Vetiver helps us be our own role model by encouraging a healthy egocentricity. Bai yu lan ye (magnolia flower) helps clear our thinking and lifts our spirits, so we don't take ourselves or the material too seriously. Bai Zhi (angelica root) also brings clarity to the mind, and is an ancient oil said to invoke angelic presence. Geranium aids us in processing our food and calms the shen (emotions) so we can let some of the stress of learning go. It also nourishes our yin (restorative energy), to help us feel soothed. 

Smells like...opening a bag of earthy chinese medicinal herbs, foreign at first, quickly growing to love it.

DAILY RITUAL: Apply 1-2 times daily to suggested points for 1 month and inhale throughout the day for added reminder and support. Best used within 3 months of opening.

For extra potency...Hold each point for at least 10 seconds after applying the oil to fully enjoy the point and blend combination.


With each purchase you get:

Essential oil blend + Acupressure card + Daily ritual calendar

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Explore the blend points...


Ren-12- Middle Hollow A major point that assists the energy of the Spleen and Stomach, this helps us feels centered and stable. It strenghtens the digestive system and helps us feel energized. Located right in the middle of the body, it helps bring your power back to center, instead of giving it away to others.

Lung 9- Great Abyss One of the strongest points to activate the energy of the Lungs, this point also helps bring us energy, clarity and helps get rid of phlegm that may be clouding our mind. Physically this point strenghtens our stamina and daily energy, as well as keeps our immunity high.

Spleen 3- Great White One of the strongest points to activate the energy of the Spleen, it helps dry up the dampness and phlegm that gets stuck in our body and minds creating confusion. Physically this point strenghtens our digestion and clears our head, while also helping us retain information and concentrate on the task at hand.