Grandiose Blend

Grandiose Blend


A companion to tap into your greatness and renew inner strength

We see evergreen trees, retaining their tall stature and dark green leaves and needles, even through the blustering cold of winter, and we are reminded of their strength and greatness. They are rooted and yet rise straight up to meet the sky and the stars, without apology. Grandiose Blend gives us the courage to believe in our own greatness.  When we have trouble getting out of our thoughts or feel depleted from overwork, Grandiose Blend helps us embody the strength and renewal that naturally lies within. Grandiose Blend brings us this ability to stay grounded and at the same time have the inner confidence to reach up for our potential, to feel our own power. From there we are resilient, renewed, and open to new strength.

The Oils: Fir, Cypress, Myrrh, Bai zi ren, Grapeseed

All evergreen oils bring with them a sense of greatness because they quickly bring extra support to our foundational energy. Fir, Cypress and Bai zi ren all nourish our inner resources when depleted after times of pushing ourselves beyond our normal daily limits. Out of all the evergreens Fir brings us most quickly into our bodies and the moment. It can stop fear in its tracks by helping us be present to "what is". Bai zi ren (Arborvitae Seed) opens the pineal gland to affect our bodies natural melatonin and improves sleep cycles and rhythm. This helps us be able to sleep deeper and longer, naturally restoring our energy. When we are deeply rested we often feel our best selves. Myrrh is an ancient and sacred oil that grounds us and helps us heal old wounds, physically and emotionally, bringing us strength.

Smells like...a restorative winter day standing bundled up in the middle of an evergreen forest.

DAILY RITUAL: Apply 1-2 times daily to suggested points for 1 month and inhale throughout the day for added reminder and support. Best used within 3 months of opening.

For extra potency...Hold each point for at least 10 seconds after applying the oil to fully enjoy the point and blend combination.


With every purchase you get:

Essential oil blend + Acupressure card + Daily ritual calendar

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Explore the blend points...


San Jiao 4- Yang Pool One of the strongest points of the San Jiao, it invigorates our yang, motivating life force, energy. Because the energy of the San Jiao is connected to all areas of the body, it is able to get this life force energy to the right places. Think of replenshing yourself in a pool of vitality and strength.

Gallbladder 40- Hill Ruins One of the strongest points to activate the energy of the Gallbladder, which deals with our courage and big decision making. This point helps give us the strength and courage to make decisions about our lives and allows us to see all the possibilities available to us at a given moment.


Ren 14- Great Palace Gate Like Heart-7 in Beauty Blend, this point is also very potent to tap into the calming energy of the Heart. The name refers to something very grand or magnificent, knowing that if you can touch your heart you can achieve something great. This point alludes to feeling worthy and having meaning.