Completion Blend

Completion Blend


A companion when moving from one chapter of life to the next

One thing in life we can count on is at certain points we will begin anew. Starting a job, moving houses, developing new habits, celebrating a birthday are new chapters in life. Completion Blend helps usher us into the new cycle, while helping us transition from the old. Saying goodbye to an addiction for a better life, exchanging a beloved house for a change of scenery are all part of these changes. Completion Blend moves our energy through the areas that might feel bittersweet.  Like a hermit crab that has outgrown its shell, or a snake shedding its skin, this blend pushes us to grow into greater maturity and embrace new beginnings with a fresh, clean slate.  

The Oils: Lemon, Qing Pi, Juniper, Cedarwood, Grapeseed

Citruses embody the concept of completion. A fruit comes to maturity and for a certain moment in time it is ripe and ready to harvest as it sheds its skin. Both lemon and qing pi (mandarin orange) are citruses that move qi (energy) through stuck places both physically and emotionally, flowing more easily into the new. Cedarwood connects with the energy of your spine, the Du mai, helping you prioritize and organize your life. It also helps empty the closets of the body (the pelvis) where you can clear out old junk and bring with you all only what you want to store in your next chapter. Juniper contains berries, fruits for the birds, bringing that sense of ripeness and also specifically moves you through any obstacle where you may feel victimized.

Smells like...the newness and awakening of opening a sweet and cleansing citrus fruit.

DAILY RITUAL: Apply 1-2 times daily to suggested points for 1 month and inhale throughout the day for added reminder and support. Best used within 3 months of opening.

For extra potency...Hold each point for at least 10 seconds after applying the oil to fully enjoy the point and blend combination.


With each purchase you get:

Essential oil blend + Acupressure card + Daily ritual calendar

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Explore the blend points...


Bladder 60- Kun Lun Mountain This point is a traditional point to help assist with death and dying. Even if it is just the death of a chapter of our life to make room for the new, this point can assist that transition. This point is also a widely used point to reduce bodily pain, and so can ease the discomfort brought by transition.


Liver 14- Completion Gate The energy of each organ takes up two hours on the 24 hour clock. The Liver is the last energy to pass the 24 hour cycle before it starts back at the beginning. This point is the last point on the Liver channel and thus totally embodies the act of completion. Tapping into this energy can help move us through to the new cycle, resetting our biological and emotional clocks.

Pericardium 7- Great Mound Because this point has a relationship to the heart it is calming and specificly can be used for fear in relationships. It is also a point that can assist with the fear of dying, and since change is often felt as a tiny death of the past, this point can ease that transition. As a “ghost” point, it helps us let go of the things that haunt us to be able to start anew.