Six Blends Package

Six Blends Package

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Pack of six 10ml bottles

With each purchase you get:

6 Essential oil blends + 6 Acupressure cards + 6 Daily ritual calendars

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Enjoy all six Daoist Drop blends and save $25 in this package deal!

1. Beauty Blend
    A companion to see your inner and outer beauty and worth
2. Completion Blend
    A companion when moving from one chapter of life to the next
3. Grandiose Blend
    A companion to tap into your greatness and renew inner strength
4. Initiation Blend
    A companion in times of quietude, grief, trauma, and integration
5. Refinement Blend
    A companion when releasing guilt, shame, and regret
6. Scholarly Blend
    A companion to bring confidence and inner knowing to the
    lifelong learner

DAILY RITUAL: Apply 1-2 times daily to suggested points for 1 month and inhale throughout the day for added reminder and support. Best used within 3 months of opening.

For extra potency...Hold each point for at least 10 seconds after applying the oil to fully enjoy the point and blend combination.

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People are talking…

"Daoist Drops has become a wonderful part of my self-care routine. I have the whole line and I love that each bottle comes with guidance about which acupressure points are best for application. My children request drops in their bath and I add drops to my diffuser as well. I highly recommend Daoist Drops to anyone looking for wonderful essential oils. Beauty and Refinement are my favorite blends of all!”

"I am drawn to the Scholarly Blend during exams to help stay focused during long study sessions.  Mental fatigue is a reality in my program from hours of studying, so the Scholarly blend that brings mental clarity and strength is a great ally.  I like the way the Scholarly Blend smells like a bag of earthy Chinese herbs."

" The intention of the Completion Blend spoke to me, reflecting that life's cycles are limitless and layered."

"Initiation is the blend I keep coming back to.  The scent feels like what I need during this time of year and the theme parallels a lot of personal work I've been doing.  The scent of cinnamon is warming on a soul level.  It's a rich blend with an uplifting aspect, but grounding on a soul level."

"After using the Refinement Blend, I feel more clarity on the past.  I feel like I can look at events that have happened without the same emotional charge or feelings of guilt.  I used it every day for 30 days and can really tell the difference it made in my perspective."

"I alternate between the Completion Blend and the Initiation Blend in the morning.  It helps me slow down for a minute and just get in touch with my body and the moment.  It's been a great ritual that I look forward to every morning."

"I use your oils in clinic with patients everyday and they love them!"

"The Beauty smells so good and is incredibly calming!"